18-Wheeler Accident Articles

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Do Commercial Truck Drivers Take A Drug Test After an Accident?

When navigating the aftermath of a trucking accident in Texas, understanding the regulatory landscape surrounding drug and alcohol testing for commercial truck drivers is crucial. The immense size and momentum of an 18-wheeler make any accident potentially...

Should I Accept An Insurance Settlement?

In the aftermath of an accident, dealing with insurance companies and settlements can be an overwhelming process. You might find yourself tempted to accept the initial settlement offer from your insurance company, just to move on and put the incident behind you....

18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

Commercial Vehicle Accidents 18 Wheeler Accidents can be catastrophic.  When an 80,000-pound vehicle strikes a car or light truck, many injuries can occur, even death.  Most 18-wheeler Trucks belong to large corporations that have high-powered attorneys and insurance companies on their side.  Don’t fight them alone. You need an experienced 18-wheeler Accident Lawyer on your side.  You kneed one that knows the Federal Rules and Regulations, as well as can perform a full 18-wheeler accident investigation.

Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer James Walker is well aware of people suffering from catastrophic injuries. Many cannot sufficiently recover because of low caps on “non-economic” damages. These limits have been imposed across the nation through the legislature. This was done even though studies have shown that jury-large verdicts in compensation do not happen very often.

Reclaim Your Life after an 18-Wheeler Accident

Most 18-wheeler accidents involve some form of injury. This is due to an 80,000-pound vehicle hitting a 5,000-pound or less vehicle. Even a lower-speed crash can cause devastating injuries. Often, people who are in a truck accident do not realize at the scene that they suffered an injury. Only to find out later that they need medical treatment. Unknown injuries can surface for such things as head injury, spinal cord injury, or a herniated or bulge disk, which can be a very serious injury. Sometimes, victims need treatment immediately by ambulance for their injuries.

One critical mistake many people make after an accident is to “tough it out” and avoid going to the doctor. The longer someone delays getting necessary medical care, the more difficult it is for your attorney to help. You hurt your chances to recover maximum compensation for your injuries. Following up with your doctor is a very important step to take in order to help your attorney obtain maximum compensation for your injuries and to speed up your recovery.

At the Walker Law Firm, we know how to build your case and if necessary, take your case to trial. Never try to negotiate your claim with a truck insurance company on your own; most insurance companies will do all they can to under compensate and take advantage of you. Even worse, if you decide to sue, they will attempt to damage your case by trying to elicit damaging statements from you.

Houston 18 Wheeler Accidents

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in an 18-wheeler accident, you will need to consult with a truck accident lawyer. A semi-truck accident lawyer will be familiar with 18-wheeler injury accidents and the specific laws that govern the trucking industry. They understand 18-wheeler inspection laws. Overloaded freight, driver fatigue and speed may be factors in 18 wheeler accidents, and a trucking accident attorney who knows the regulations and the industry can prove a driver was at fault.

State and Federal law regulates truck maintenance, and drivers must fill out vehicle inspection reports. These reports can be crucial evidence. This can reconstruct the accident by establishing the condition of the truck. A truck crash lawyer will also conduct an immediate investigation into the history of the driver. As well as the service history of the truck involved.

Walker Texas Lawyer’s goal is to pursue justice and maximize the recovery for your loss. Truck Accident cases are handled on a contingent fee basis. The trucking accident attorney‚ fee comes from the settlement at the conclusion of your case. So, the client pays no fee unless the case is successful.

In cases with 18-wheeler accidents, please call an experienced truck accident lawyer. The injuries sustained by an ordinary motorist fortunate enough to survive a collision with a truck are usually severe. Your case will need significant medical testimony.

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