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A commercial vehicle is often referred to as a “big rig” or an 18-wheeler. These are commercial vehicles labeled as large trucks by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, it can refer to any car, van, truck that is owned and operated by a company and used by an employee of that company. These are vehicles that employees use to carry out their jobs. Examples are vehicles carrying work equipment, hauling goods, transporting passengers, or any work-related transportation. Just like any vehicle on the road, commercial vehicles may be in accidents. Accidents that cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Have you been injured in a commercial vehicle accident?

These accidents are not like other car accidents.  These accidents are often serious and life-threatening. They can be worse if you are in an accident with a vehicle carrying hazardous material. To drive a commercial vehicle you need a commercial driver’s license and insurance by commercial policies. This is particularly important to note because, after a commercial vehicle accident, the company’s insurance representatives are on the scene quickly. Their goal is to work the claim and get evidence to minimize losses to the company.  They are not there in any way to help you.  Their goal is always to pay as little as possible under the commercial insurance policy. This is why you need an experienced lawyer who has handled many commercial vehicle accidents.  You need someone that will protect your best interests.

If you have been in a commercial vehicle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Walker Texas Lawyer today! James Walker always offers a free case review to help you understand your case. He can help you recover physical, emotional, and financial damages. Give the Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer a call today.


I have just been in a commercial vehicle accident, what do I do?

If you have been hit by a commercial vehicle there are steps you can take to protect your legal rights.

First, make sure you are ok.  Your health needs to come first. Always call 9-1-1 after an accident. They will help you receive the proper medical attention and assistance.

After you are safe here is a guide to help you protect your rights:

What To Do If You Are In A Commercial Vehicle Accident

  • Report the accident immediately.
  • Provide only the basic details of the accident. After an accident, confusion may set in. You don’t want to give wrong information. Wrong information can cost you later in court.
  • Do not admit fault. In an accident, the fault could be a complicated and multiparty issue.
  • Do not apologize. Apologies can be construed as an admission of fault.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Promptly file your insurance claim.
  • Only provide basic facts of the accident to any insurance claims adjuster. However, it would be advisable to have your attorney deal with any insurance representative or claims adjuster.

Your actions in the first hours and days after a commercial vehicle accident are critical.  We urge you to contact an experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyer immediately after an accident.  You need a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident because you want someone with your best interests in mind to represent you.  The insurance representatives from the other party do not have your best interests at hand. Also, you to secure all the evidence before it begins to disappear.

What Are Commercial Vehicles?

Commercial vehicles come in all shapes and sizes.  Some examples of commercial vehicles are:

  • Delivery trucks, vans
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Taxi cabs
  • Construction company vehicles
  • Buses, including city or school buses
  • Garbage and dump trucks or street cleaners
  • Corporate cars
  • Utility and repair company trucks or vans
  • Hazardous waste carriers
  • 18-wheelers, and other large trucks

Who is liable for commercial vehicle accidents?

In General, companies are responsible for their employees while those employees act on behalf of the company.  When a company vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver, the company, or a combination of both may be liable for damages.  The driver might be responsible if negligence played a role in the accident.  However, the employer may be liable for:

  • Negligent supervision
  • Negligent hiring practices
  • Failure to verify proper licensing/certification
  • Untrained or improperly trained drivers
  • Failure to maintain vehicle

Additionally, if an employee is driving a company car on personal time the owner of the car may still be liable. A car owner must use due care when allowing someone to drive their vehicle. If the company failed to check the employee’s driving record, they could be liable. Also, if the employer knew the employee had medical or other conditions that impacted the vehicle’s operation, the company could be liable for negligent entrustment of the vehicle.

Why Choose Walker Texas Lawyer

Walker Texas Lawyer is an experienced commercial vehicle accident attorney. He has handled many accident cases and knows how to work with insurance companies. As well as he understands the legal system to provide you with the compensation you deserve. Walker Texas Lawyer’s first concern if you are in an accident is that you are safe. Once you are taken care of, we will listen to you and your memories of the accident. He will work to help you with the losses you have suffered, such as pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage.

He will investigate

Companies have a high standard of safety that is required to adhere to. Walker Texas Lawyer will perform a full commercial vehicle accident investigation. He wants to determine if non-compliance with Federal and State laws occurred. Was the employer or driver negligent? Was there a part failure? Walker Texas Lawyer will talk with witnesses. Furthermore, he will reconstruct the truck accident and bring in experts to examine all aspects of the accident. Additionally, Walker will check maintenance logs, driver logs, safety inspections, GPS records, and truck accident reports.

He will handle all insurance claims for you

The insurance company and commercial vehicle owners will have lawyers on their side. You need your own experienced commercial vehicle accident attorney.  Insurance companies may act like your friend, but they are not in the business of paying out.  That’s why you need an experienced lawyer to represent you in fighting them

If you or a loved one have had an accident with a commercial vehicle, call Walker Texas Lawyer.  He is the Houston Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer.  Call us today at 713- 552-1117


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