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Houston is the largest city in the State of Texas. The area is inhabited by about 6.1 million people making it the 5th largest city in the United States. The number of passenger vehicles on Houston’s streets and highways has been increasing due to the growing population. The increased number of vehicles has resulted in an increase in the number of accidents. With the ever-growing suburbs, traffic congestion is only going to get worse. It is easy to tell from Houston’s traffic patterns that most people drive to work. This has led to Houston becoming more known as a commuter city. Commuter traffic and auto accidents go hand in hand. If you have been injured in a car accident, you must call Walker Texas Lawyer, Houston’s Car Accident Attorney.

Houston Car Accidents

Every 57 seconds, an accident occurs in Texas. While road improvements and increased law enforcement have help lessen the number of traffic accidents, crashes still happen more often than we would like. This leaves many families shattered due to the death of their loved ones.

Most car wrecks are caused by negligence and reckless acts of drivers. Walker Texas Lawyer believes that you should receive compensation for your loss. Additionally, these drivers must be held accountable. Victims of car accidents should get full and fair compensation for their injuries. Most people in an auto accident don’t know what to do or how to get their due compensation. You need to call Walker Texas Lawyer if you are involved in a car accident case.

Common Types Of Car Wrecks We Handle

Walker Texas Lawyer handles all types of car incidents, but here are a few common types:

  • Head-On Collision
  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Backing-Up
  • Rollover
  • Hit and Run
  • Left-Hand Turn
  • Broadside Collisions (T-Bone)
  • Rear End
  • Single Vehicle Accidents
  • Taxi & Limo Accidents
  • Uber or Lyft Accidents
  • Dram Shop Accidents
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Claims
  • Pedestrian Accidents

Causes Of Car Collisions

Driving in Houston at certain times can be somewhat dangerous due to the increase in the number of cars, trucks, and reckless drivers. News coverage of traffic accidents consistently high lite the death of those involved. However, they fail to describe the serious disabling injuries that people most often suffer. The main factor involved in these severe accidents is driver negligence. Negligent driving can take place in many forms, including:


Speeding is regarded as one of the most common reasons behind most accidents in Houston and elsewhere. About 640 people die on Houston roads every year, and 2850 people are seriously injured. It has been proven that speeding can deprive you of the ability to apply brakes when required. Moreover, driving fast in conditions such as rain, fog, smoke, smog, etc., can prove to be extremely dangerous. This is one reason that many accidents happen in bad weather conditions.

Reckless Driving

A number of accidents occur when the driver shows no regard for the safety of others. This may happen by not obeying traffic rules, ignoring the red light at the signal, and simply showing off. Drivers recklessly show off by, among other things, making too sharp of cuts, making dangerous passes on two-lane roads, and racing other cars on the road.

Drunk Driving

Although strict drunk driving laws exist, drivers continue drinking and driving, causing severe accidents.

Drugged driving

Drugged driving is just as serious as drunk driving because people do not stay in their right mind after consuming illegal or prescription drugs. These drugs hamper one’s ability to drive a vehicle safely.

Distracted driving

Usage of cell phones and texting while driving also results in causing car accidents all across the U.S., especially in Houston. Driving is a serious task, and mobile phones should never be used while driving. If it is necessary to use the mobile phone, the driver should pull off the road.

Fatigued driving

When drivers are tired, their reflexes mess up and impair their ability to operate a car. If a driver has fatigue, they might fall asleep behind the wheel. Thus not seeing a car coming toward them or not stopping soon enough and hit a car in front of them. Alertness is always required when driving a car. Otherwise, accidents will occur.

What Steps Should I Take After A Car Accident

A series of important steps can be taken right after the accident to help you ensure that you protect all your legal rights:

  • The first step you should take after an accident is to call the police and get a police report made at the scene. If the police issue you a traffic violation ticket, you must sign it. Signing it doesn’t imply that you are at fault. Remember to get the police officer’s name and identification details.
  • Collect information about the other driver involved, including the driver’s name, phone number, license plate number, and insurance information.
  • Be vigilant and take notes of the road condition at the time of the wreck. Look around, and if you find any witnesses at the scene who can support your understanding of how the collision happened, get their contact information.
  • Take pictures with your mobile phone or camera of all the damages caused to all the vehicles and the overall scene, including the street layout, traffic signs, road conditions, weather conditions, etc. If possible, take pictures of the injuries caused by the wreck.
  • If you are severely injured and require medical care, seek care from a nearby hospital or physician and get records of the injuries to you or the passengers to present as proof when you file your claim.
  • Inform your insurance company.
  • If you have a personal injury lawsuit, call Walker Texas Lawyer to protect your legal rights and help you get your due compensation by preparing your injury claim.

What Auto Insurance is Required in Texas?

According to Title 7 of the Texas Transportation Code, the minimum coverage amounts for Texas is:

  • $30,000 for injury to one person in an accident
  • $60,000 for two or more people injured
  • $25,000 for damage or destruction of property

While Texas law requires this level of insurance, Mr. Walker often sees this as insufficient. One example is hospital bills. Severe injuries can quickly add up to $75,000 or more. Additionally, vehicle accidents may cause damage to several vehicles or buildings that exceed $25,000. Furthermore, accidents may involve drivers without insurance at all. For this reason, it is best to pay a little extra for supplemental insurance.

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance should include underinsured motorist coverage and collision coverage.

It is important to remember that liability insurance only covers the other party’s injuries and property damage. If you are at fault for the accident and receive injuries, your liability coverage will not compensate you. You then pay for your medical bills, lost wages, or damage to your car. Supplemental insurance policies include:

  • Collision Insurance – this policy will cover the cost of repairing your car if you cause an accident
  • Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist Insurance – this policy covers your injuries and property damage when you are involved in an accident that a driver caused without insurance or whose insurance did not cover all of your damages.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – This policy covers the cost to repair or replace your car if it is stolen or damaged by weather, fire, or other incidents not included in collision insurance.
  • Medical Coverage Insurance – this policy will cover medical and funeral expenses incurred from an auto accident regardless of fault. You must reimburse your medical insurance coverage company if you collect from an insurance claim against the at-fault party.

How Long Does An Insurance Company Have To Resolve A Claim?

James Walker understands that the healing process can be long and slow after you have been injured in a car crash. Unfortunately, insurance companies will do everything they can to delay, diminish, or even deny your claim, making the recovery process as difficult as possible.

Walker Texas Lawyer will speed the recovery process by providing the evidence necessary to pursue the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries. Your car wreck injuries are unique, and so is your case, which means the time it takes to resolve your financial recovery will depend on how we design your injury lawsuit. Walker’s primary goal is to deliver results as quickly as possible, so you can confidently move forward with your life.

What To Avoid If You Are In An Auto Accident

  • Never give the other insurance company a recorded or written statement without first speaking to a qualified personal injury lawyer and deciding how you will proceed.
  • Don’t expect the adverse insurance company to be fair. They are out to pay as little as possible on any claim you make.
  • Never accept the settlement on what your car is worth without knowing the value of your car.
  • Don’t necessarily feel you have to go to the repair facility suggested by the adverse insurance company.
  • Don’t get in the middle of the repair process between the shop you choose and the insurance company. Let the shop you trust handle your repairs and let them deal with the adverse insurance company directly.
  • Never consider settling the personal injury claim from an auto accident until you have a handle on your injuries. Sometimes injuries like whiplash creep up later, and those medical bills skyrocket. You need to be specific about the nature and extent of your injuries. Many insurance companies will show up shortly after an accident and offer a small amount that may include “estimated medical expenses.” This tactic is used to take further injuries out of the claim.
  • Don’t believe that the words ‘we accept responsibility” or we’re going to “pay this claim” means that the insurance carrier intends to be fair with you. They hope that you trust them and do not seek out a qualified personal injury lawyer.
  • Never give the opposing insurance company a blanket medical or employment records release.
Dont Apologize after a car crash

What Will An Attorney Do?

Your car injury attorney will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine who is responsible. Some of the areas that your lawyer will look into are:

  • Was the other driver drunk or drugged?
  • Was the other driver using his cell phone while driving?
  • Did the other driver speeding over the stated limit or wasn’t following speed limits issued for rough weather?
  • Was the driver distracted in some other way than those listed above?
  • Was the other driver’s vehicle not in good operating order?
  • Could the wreck have been prevented in some way?

If the answer to any of the above matters is ‘yes’, then you may be able to successfully file a claim to hold the other driver accountable for their actions because of their negligence. Walker Texas Lawyer will help you understand your rights and options and will work for you to ease the entire process.

Statute Of Limitations In Texas

In General, the personal injury statute of limitations in Texas is two years from the date of the accident. If you are going to file a lawsuit within this time span. Additionally, you will need to use diligence in attempting to serve the defendant.

There are exceptions that can extend and/or shorten a limitations period. One example of extending the date is called tolling. Time limitations can be extended if the injured individual was a minor at the time of the incident occurred. When they turn 18, the standard two-year statute of limitations becomes active.

Also, if you are in an accident with a governmental entity in Texas there may be certain notice provisions that you must comply with. You must comply with the provisions to sue the governmental entity or employee. Some municipalities have concise notice provisions from a few months to six months. You must understand the conditions that may apply to such an entity.

Other Legal Deadlines

Other legal deadlines can impact a personal injury claim in Texas. One example is a statute of repose for products that are over 15 years old at the time of the accident. This limitation is important in motor vehicle accidents. It can give immunity to foreign manufacturers, such as those from China, Korea, or Japan, after a certain period of time.

If you have any issues or questions regarding a potential limitation or the timing of a personal injury claim, contact Walker Texas Lawyer Today! He is the Houston Auto Accident Lawyer.

What damages are recoverable

If you don’t know much about car collision injuries, you may wonder what costs and damages can be recovered. While every car accident case is unique, certain types of damages are usually recovered from the party at fault.

  • All types of medical expenses, including visits to the doctor, surgical treatment, etc.
  • Expected future medical expenses, such as long-term treatment or future procedures.
  • Pain & suffering, including mental and physical pain.
  • Mental stress, such as grief, nervousness, anxiety, etc.
  • Lost wages due to time off from work and earning capacity due to the severity of the injury
  • Loss of comfort or peace because of the death of a partner
  • Loss of any type of property damage.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Hiring a personal injury attorney can be the difference between winning and losing your case. A lawyer specializing in car collisions can help make your road to recovery more accessible by:

  • investigating the causes of the wreck
  • locating the responsible parties
  • helping you get the medical care you need
  • cutting through the red tape and filing all available insurance claims
  • pursuing compensation for all of your losses
  • proving liability
  • drafting a demand letter
  • negotiating and maximizing a settlement
  • negotiating liens and, if necessary
  • litigating the case

Why do you need the assistance of a Houston car wreck lawyer?

It is important to know that before you file for compensation for the damages, you must be able to present a strong and compelling case. With a strong case showing how and why the other driver is at fault, you may get all the compensation you are entitled to.  Walker Texas Lawyer will utilize the necessary professionals and tools to analyze your case and, if warranted, uncover and present the facts required to support a strong and compelling claim.

Initially, it may seem like the insurance company representatives are on your side. Although, you should keep in mind that insurance companies are in the business to make a profit and are not in the business to look after your needs. That is why you need a lawyer you can trust to work in your favor and secure fair compensation.

Why Hire Walker Texas Lawyer For Your Car Accident

Walker Texas Lawyer has over 40 years of experience and knows how the damage caused by car wrecks can impact your life. We ensure that our clients receive top-notch representation. We will protect our client’s legal rights. When you choose Walker Texas Lawyer as your car injury attorney, your case is in good hands. You will receive excellent service that will help you successfully recover all the damages owed to you. With Walker Texas Lawyer, you do not pay until you receive your damage payments. Give Walker Texas Lawyer, the Houston area Personal Injury Lawyer a call today for your free consultation.


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Jim Walker helped my granddaughter when someone ran into her while driving. Their insurance company was unresponsive when we wanted them to handled her medical bills, so we call Jim Walker. The process is never as quick as one would like, but he did what he said he would do and got her a fair settlement for her injuries. I highly recommend Walker Texas Lawyer, Jim Walker, if you need someone to look out for your interests and get you what you deserve after an accident.

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