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Jun 11, 2019


Imagine you are on a road trip on a sunny day in Houston, with your family. Everything is going smooth and everybody is having fun, suddenly you hit a car unintentionally on the road. That is the moment your trip turns into a nightmare. You jump out of your car to check on the cars or any person that has been injured. You sigh in relief to see that no one is harmed but you find that both the cars are damaged and that’s not comforting at all.  Now, let’s rewind a bit and see how this could have been a little less unfortunate. Even after damaging his and your car unintentionally, you could have sighed with relief. Why? Because of third-party liability insurance. If you had third-party liability insurance, you would have been protected. You don’t want to be uninsured in this case.

But what exactly is this third-party liability insurance? How does it help you with car accidents? These questions are answered here.

What Is Third-Party Liability Insurance?

According to insurance institutes, third party liability coverage is a portion of your insurance policy that safeguards you. In case you’re held legally responsible for the damage to some person or his or her property. This coverage is set aside for things like legal fees, lawsuit settlements, and other related expenses.

Where Does Insurance Company Come In?

The insurance company will work on your behalf and take care of all the third-party compensation within the amount described by your policy.

Why Is It Called Third-Party Liability Coverage?

When you, as a customer come to the market in search of a liability policy, you are considered to be the first party in the case. When you find the company that will provide you the insurance policy, it will be the second party in the case. Unfortunately, when you find yourself in a car accident, the other driver is considered as the third party. Hence, it is called the “Third Party Liability Coverage” as it protects you from the legal liabilities. Rather you are found to be partially or fully responsible for the accident.

How Does Third-Party Liability Work In A Car Accident?

Third-party liability policies protect you from any claims by the third parties such as injury or damage to personal property.

These damages come in two kinds of coverage (i.e. bodily injury liability and property damage liability).

When you are caught in a situation where you are liable for any of these damages, the insurance company will move into action. The company will let you file a claim to cover the damages that you are facing because of the accident. The insurance company will make sure that the proper compensation is made through appropriate methods. This includes hospital bills and other expenses related to the accident.

Compensation depends upon the policy’s coverage limit. The appropriate compensation amount will cover the losses of the third parties. If the compensation amount crosses the limit of the active policy, it will be the responsibility of the first party, which is you.

Seek professional help

If you face any legal action because of the insufficient coverage in third party liability case give us a call. Rather you are in a car accident, injured in a motorcycle accident, or even in a wreck with a 18-wheeler we can help.  Walker Texas Lawyer is Houston’s personal injury attorney and he can help you in your legal claim.


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