Walker Texas Lawyer Summer Travel Tips

Texas Summer Travel Tips

Apr 26, 2018

Texas Summer Travel Tips

Traveling around the world is a reason why so many people work hard. They want to explore and see things that they, at one point, could only dream of. Traveling should be fun and filled with excitement. Walker Texas Lawyer has some helpful Summer Travel Tips Often travelers have an experience of a lifetime in a positive way. Then there are times that travelers have a trip that turns into an experience they did not ever want. Some mishaps are unavoidable, but, there are some things you can keep in mind to help when the unexpected happens. From a seasoned traveler to a newbie here are some helpful tips that could help you no matter what part of the spectrum you fall in.

Travel Tips:

  1. Always tell someone back home where you are going and who will be with. It is also a good to email yourself your entire itinerary.
  2. Bring extra camera batteries and extra converters (if in a foreign country). Possibly double batteries and enough converters so you can charge everything in the evenings.
  3. Make photocopies of all important documents and of what you are packing. This is crucial for if anything or everything goes missing you will know what you had.
  4. Learn basic common phrases in the local language. Locals love this and you will get around much easier.
  5. Pack items like toothbrush, medications, electronics, and extra underwear in your carry-on. Most airlines will not cover stolen or missing electronics from your checked bag and you never know if flights will get delayed. A toothbrush at the airport could cost $20.
  6. Put your hotel phone number and address in your phone.
  7. Enquire how to pay and how to use the public transportation. I cannot stress this enough.
  8. Pre-plan outfits. Packing one pair of jeans and plan on using them with 5 tops. This will save a ton of room in your bag.
  9. If you are traveling with someone, pack part of each other’s items in each of your bags. This is handy if one bag is lost at least both of you still have stuff to wear.
  10. Bring ear plugs.
  11. Call your credit card companies and let them know your travel plans.
  12. Ask locals about where to eat, watch a sunset, or other fun things to do in the area.
  13. Back everything up. Do this every night when you get back to your room. You never know when the unexpected will happen.
  14. Always pack a towel or sarong. It is always an extremely handy item for every trip no matter what your travel plans are.
  15. When checking into a hotel, always ask for an upgrade.  Most of the time if they have accommodations they will do it for you.
  16. Take a trip to the tourism office. This is a great resource to find out what is happening at that time and you can find free activities or special events that are happening during your stay.


If an auto accident occurs during my trip what should I do?

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