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Should I Seek Medical Attention After My Houston Motorcycle Accident?

Apr 26, 2022 | Motorcycle Accident, Personal Injury

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Motorcycle accidents can lead to significant injuries that require immediate medical attention. However, in other instances, the severity of the injuries may be less clear. Although your injuries could seem minor at first, nevertheless they may become significant medical issues later. Some people wonder, “Should I seek medical attention after my motorcycle accident?” It is always a good practice to seek medical attention after any accident, particularly if there has been any trauma to the head.

After a motorcycle collision, you need to see a doctor for a thorough exam as soon as you can.  Walker Texas Lawyer suggests documenting all your healthcare appointments following an accident and any procedures you undergo.  If you don’t seek treatment and later decide to pursue an accident claim, an insurance company could argue that you weren’t seriously injured and don’t deserve any compensation for your injury claims. Thus, failure to immediately seek and document your medical treatments can work against you in your claim for rightful recovery of compensation for your injuries and loss of income that you suffered following an accident. Do not let this happen to you.

If you are in a motorcycle accident, it is always best to get the medical care you need. Then you should contact Walker Texas Lawyer, Houston’s best attorney for handling motorcycle accident matters. He can answer your questions and give you the peace of mind you need. We offer free, no-obligation consultations. Walker Texas Lawyer is here for you, rather you are injured in Houston or anywhere else in Texas.

How Long Do I Have To See A Doctor After A Motorcycle Collision?

James Walker always recommends visiting a doctor as soon as possible following a motorcycle accident. However, it’s not too late if you don’t go immediately afterward. Some injuries take time to develop. If you experience any new pain or symptoms of an injury, get care from a medical professional as soon as possible.

Always keep detailed records of your doctor visits and copies of your bills. These can be vital evidence for your motorcycle accident attorney in case of an insurance claim. It’s essential to follow the instructions and treatment plan that your doctor recommends. Doing so shows that your injuries were severe. It also demonstrates that you are taking appropriate steps to heal them.

If you never visit a doctor or seek medical care, it can cause problems for you later. The other driver’s insurer might use this information to fight your right to compensation. They could deny your claim and avoid taking responsibility for what you’ve suffered. Following a motorcycle wreck, get the care you need and save records of all your treatment.

What Are the Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycles are less visible and less stable than passenger vehicles. This contributes to accidents in several ways, including the following:

  • Drivers fail to see a motorcycle and turn left into its path at an intersection. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 40 percent of all fatal motorcycle crashes happen when the other vehicle turns left and the motorcycle goes straight, passes, or overtakes another vehicle.
  • Vehicle Drivers fail to do a head check before changing lanes and crash into a motorcycle in the blind spot. This can happen more often with motorcycles because they are smaller than passenger vehicles and harder to see.
  • Drivers follow too closely and cause rear-end collisions with motorcycles. This is particularly dangerous, as lightweight motorcycles have shorter stopping distances. There is no such thing as a fender-bender for a bike. A rear-end collision could be fatal for a motorcyclist.
  • Drivers fail to yield the right-of-way to motorcycles. Passenger vehicles frequently pull out in front of motorcycles because the drivers simply don’t see them.
  • Dangerous roadways cause riders to wipe out. Potholes, cracked pavement, pooling water, and other poor road surface conditions can cause accidents for any vehicle. Motorcycles are particularly vulnerable because of their lightweight and instability compared to passenger vehicles.

What Are the Most Common Types of Motorcycle Injuries?

Motorcycles are a great way to travel, but they come with significant dangers. Riders have little protection, so they can be seriously injured if they wind up in an accident.

Motorcycle riders can suffer injuries, such as:

Make sure that you get immediate medical care after a motorcycle accident. Seek medical attention even if you think you’re okay at first. Doctors can identify hidden and internal injuries that could cause you problems later. Internal injuries can be severe and even deadly. Protect your health, life, and compensation from whoever hurt you by seeking needed medical care after a motorcycle crash.

Walker Texas Lawyer Is There For You After a Motorcycle Collision

After a motorcycle collision, turn to a law firm with experience. Walker Texas Lawyer has had over 40 years of experience helping those injured in motorcycle crashes get the compensation they need and deserve. Walker can review your case, help you understand your options, and work to pursue the compensation you deserve. From the start of your motorcycle crash case to the finish, we are ready to stand up for your rights and interests.

Walker Texas Lawyer can help you by:

  • Explaining your rights to pursue compensation
  • Identifying the deadlines that apply to your case
  • Gathering the medical records and other documents to prove your claims
  • Working with experts to determine what caused the motorcycle crash
  • Negotiating aggressively on your behalf with insurance companies
  • If necessary, take the matter to trial

Experience matters both on the road and in the courtroom, so choose a motorcycle accident lawyer you can trust. Call us or contact us online for your free consultation and see how Walker can help you.


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