Road Hazard

Road Hazards

Sep 10, 2018

Not all road accidents occur because of driver’s negligence, some occur majorly because of road hazards. Hundreds of accidents happen every year in Texas due to damaged and poorly maintained roads which turn into a road hazard. A recent report in 2015 concluded that more than half of the fatalities on the country’s highways occurred as a result of deficient roadway conditions. Country’s highways and roadways are maintained by local, state and government bodies; however; they have failed miserably in protecting drivers and passengers from dangerous road hazards. States do not put in a lot of monetary resources to cover repair and maintenance of roads. As a result, many of the main roads have hazardous conditions that leave individuals at risk of injury of being killed every year.

Most common road hazards

Let’s have a look at some of the most dangerous road hazards:


Potholes occur as a result of water under the soil structure. Water weakens the soil. Continued traffic on the road breaks the asphalt, resulting in a dangerous hole in the pavement. When municipalities do not repair potholes, they possess serious threat to bicyclists, motorcyclists and motor vehicles. A pothole accident can be avoided by trying not to drive over them.

18-wheeler tires

18-wheelers have large size tires that get worn out because of frequent long travel. These tires blow away on the road causing serious hazard to other cars. Sometimes truck drivers overdo and do not give rest to the tire to cool down, heating causes the tires to burst.

Overgrown trees & bushes

Overgrown trees and bushes can pose threats to road user safety. These trees can result in hitting the power line, resulting in hazardous electrical fire or power outage. These trees and bushes, if not trimmed back, block important road signs leading to dangerous accidents. Old trees can collapse into the road, potentially on a vehicle or pedestrian causing a major accident.

Troubling traffic lights

Traffic lights play an increasingly important role in Texas’s roadways and the overall safety of citizens. Malfunctioning traffic lights can lead to missed red lights, troubling green lights and dangerous intersection accidents. A key for all citizens is to look both ways before crossing an intersection even if the traffic light says green.

Work or construction zones

Work and construction zones result in hazardous road conditions, especially if they are not labeled properly. Machines, blocking the road or debris from construction, can easily cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Road Hazard

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