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Houston Attorney James Walker Supports Pet Adoption Drive at abc13

Mar 13, 2018

Walker Texas Lawyer is a proud supporter of the Houston Community and an avid animal lover. ¬†On March 23rd, ABC13, the Houston BARC Foundation and Walker Texas Lawyer, invite you to Pick Your Pet! Dozens of Houston pets are looking for their Forever Homes and yours could be one. Don’t miss this opportunity for pet adoption and find your new best friend. With your support we are confident that countless Houston pets will find a family!

Thanks to the generosity of Walker Texas Lawyer & Typhoon Texas
The Houston BARC Foundation will offer:

Puppy Adoption - Pet Adooption

Puppy Adoption Discount Fee – $50
(Regular Fee – $75)

Dog Adoption - Pet Adoption

Dog Adoption Discount Fee – $10
(Regular Fee – $50)

Cat Adoption - Pet Adoption

Cat & Kitten Adoption Discount Fee – $10
(Regular Fee – $20)

(Offer valid for adoptions made at ABC13 Studios on March 23. Offer valid for up to $3000 in fee discounts.)

All pet adoption are subject to application processing and screening from the Houston BARC Foundation.

The mission of the Houston BARC Foundation is to improve the quality of life for all animals in Houston. Especially those under the care of the City of Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions. Donations to the Houston BARC Foundation directly benefit animals sheltered at BARC. Your donation helps with purchases of medical, kennel, sanitary, and other supplies and equipment. Additionally, Houston BARC Foundation’s is focused on raising awareness on homeless and at-risk animals within our community. LEARN MORE

If you are interested in pet adoption, contact the Houston BARC

3200 Carr Street,
Houston TX 77026

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