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Pedestrian Accidents: 5 Times the Pedestrian is at Fault

Dec 29, 2022 | Consumer Information, Pedestrian Accidents

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When we think about car accidents, we often assume that the driver of the car is at fault. After all, they are operating a large vehicle, and it is their responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and to drive safely. But what happens when a pedestrian gets in an accident with a car? Who is at fault then? The answer may surprise you – sometimes it can be the pedestrian who is responsible for an accident. Let’s look at five times when pedestrians must take the blame for an automobile collision.


Jaywalking is one of the most common causes of pedestrian-car collisions. It occurs when people cross a street or highway outside of designated crosswalks or intersections. Even if there are no cars in sight, jaywalking can still be dangerous because drivers may not expect pedestrians to cross outside of crosswalks or intersections and thus may not see them until it’s too late.

Not using sidewalks or walkways

Many cities require pedestrians to use sidewalks and walkways whenever possible, so failing to do so can result in a pedestrian accident if a driver does not see them in time to avoid hitting them. Also, walking on the road instead of on sidewalks or walkways can increase their chances of being hit by debris from passing cars or trucks, such as rocks, gravel, mud, etc. Serious injury can occur if debris strike people walking on a road or highway.

Distractions while crossing

Using your phone while walking across a street will significantly increase your chances of a car hitting you. It removes your focus from watching approaching vehicles and can be very dangerous. Additionally, listening to music with headphones on loud enough that you cannot hear approaching cars also increases your chances for accidents due to distraction.

Ignoring traffic signals

Ignoring traffic signals such as stop signs and red lights can lead to an accident with a vehicle if the driver does not have enough time to stop before hitting someone crossing against traffic signals. Additionally, people who ignore “Don’t Walk” signs are more likely to get into an accident and expect cars to yield when they shouldn’t have any reason to since they have been warned not to enter the roadway at that time via ignored signage.

Not paying attention

If you aren’t distracted by your phone or headphones and follow all traffic signals correctly, failing to pay attention could lead to an accident. If you don’t notice approaching cars in time to react appropriately and safely get out of their way quickly enough before they reach you, you could be at risk.

Pedestrians should always stay alert around cars and remain vigilant when crossing streets and highways – even when using designated crosswalks. In these instances, pedestrians are often found liable for these types of accidents due to negligence or recklessness (i.e., jaywalking). Remembering these five times when pedestrians must take responsibility for an automobile collision will help keep both drivers and pedestrians safe on our roads!

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