Opioid Overdose Lawyer

Dec 4, 2017

Opioid Overdose Lawyer Houston

Opioid overdose deaths are a crisis. The New York Times reports that the opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history. “Overdoses, fueled by opioids, are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50 years old. Killing roughly 64,000 people last year, more than guns or car accidents. Doing so at a pace faster than the H.I.V. epidemic did at its peak.”

Thousands of families are suffering preventable losses each year. When it’s your family grieving and wondering why this could have happened, you need representation. You need an advocate who will help you find out the truth about who’s responsible for the death.


Walker Texas Lawyer tackles the opioid overdose crisis


Purdue Pharmaceuticals, which is allegedly the most aggressive marketer of opioids, admitted wrongdoing. Consequently, they entered into a multi-million-dollar settlement with the federal government in 2007. Three of their executives also pled guilty to criminal charges. For years, big pharma have put their addiction to profits ahead of America’s addiction to opioids. Walker Texas Lawyer wants to prevent this from continuing.

Ex-DEA Agent Joe Rannazzisi said that big drug distributors pumped opioids into U.S. Communities. Rannazzisi said, “This is an industry that allowed millions and millions of drugs to go into bad pharmacies and doctors’ offices. They distributed them out to people who had no legitimate need for these drugs.”

Are wondering whether you have a potential case?  The opioid overdose attorneys at Walker Texas Lawyer will determine if you have valid claim. Our staff of experienced litigators will work with you.

You should speak with an overdose attorney if:

  • Your loved one was prescribed an opioid by a medical professional.
  • The overdose led to the death of your family member ‚ even if it involved opioid drugs that weren’t prescribed to your loved one

If this sounds like your situation, our Walker Texas Lawyer may be able to help. Read on to learn more, or contact us right away for a free consultation. Its simple and easy to contact our office. Fill out the contact form on our website or call 713-552-1117.

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