Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Aug 31, 2018

As a matter of fact, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to accidents, injuries and in some cases death than people who travel in cars. Astonishingly, there are about 8.5 million motorcycles on the road in the United States of America. People often opt for this mode of transportation to enjoy the freedom and autonomy that they get when they are riding a bike. The thought of breezy cool air passing through your hair on a warm day may sound enticing, but an innocent ride may end in a catastrophe.

Motorcyclists face unique dangers and tragedies when they are riding a bike. Unfortunately, when an accident does take place, it is far more calamitic than a car crash. While motorcycles represent only 1% of the miles traveled globally, they are responsible for about 14% of annual traffic deaths.

Motorcycle accident statistics

In 2016, 463 motorcyclists lost their lives on the roads in Texas. Furthermore, 33 passengers riding on the bikes also lost their lives. A total of 1,861 and 147 passengers suffered from severe injuries and thousands more suffered less severe injuries.

To some degree, usage of helmet (motorcycle safety) can result in fewer deaths and injuries. However, nearly half of those killed and half of those injured, in 2016, were wearing helmets. While wearing a protective gear may mitigate certain risks, it cannot deny the fact that motorcyclists are exposed in a way that car passengers are not. As a result, an accident that can be a small bumper-breaker for a car may prove to be life-taking for the motorcyclist.

Houston Motorcycle Accidents

In Houston, motorcycle accidents, unfortunately, occur quite often. This is because the population is dense, and a great number of people opt for this mode of transportation. Let’s have a look at some catastrophic motorcycle incidents on the Houston roads from 2017:

  • A motorcyclist succumbed to injuries in October 2017 when he was attempting to bypass a bus on the Eastex Freeway.
  • A week after the incident, another motorcyclist was killed when he crashed in a high speed into a car on the I-10 westbound.
  • On the FM 1960, in early November, a motorcyclist rear-ended a pickup truck. Sadly, they lost their life.
  • Following week, a motorcyclist hit the back of a school bus. It resulted in no harm to the children, but the motorcyclist lost his life.
  • On the Thanksgiving weekend, a motorcyclist lost control of his bike and hit the ground, hurting his head fatally.
  • A motorcyclist, in December, hit the utility pole. They were in critical condition at a local hospital.

Help for motorcycle accident victims

If you have been injured or lost a loved one to motorcycle accident, you may be entitled, by law, to receive a sum of money that will help you rebuild in life. The best motorcycle attorney in Houston is just a call away! We will help you learn more about your rights and options. Call 713.552.1117 today or visit to discuss.

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