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Cruiser Bike Accidents

Houston Motorcycle Cruiser Accident Attorney


We all understand the danger of a motorcycle accident on the driver and passengers.  Motorcycle accidents can often be debilitating and leave you recovering for months, even years.  The Texas Department of Transportation reports Texas motorcycle accident statistics.  They report that motorcycle accident fatalities increased by 6% from 2015 to 2016. There was 496 fatal motorcycle crashes in 2016 and 2,008 accidents that left motorcycle drivers or passengers injured.  While “cruiser” bikes are much more solid and heavy and more visible than smaller motorcycles, they are still susceptible to horrible accidents.  Were you injured in a cruiser accident? If so, you need Houston’s cruiser accident attorney.

In a motorcycle accident, many things can occur.  Riders may be thrown from their bike.  Also, riders may be dragged by other vehicles or crushed due to impacting objects.  This can cause horrendous injuries such as severe road rash, crushed bones, organs, head and neck trauma, spinal cord injury, and brain injury. Additionally, disfiguring burns and nerve damage can occur in these types of accidents. The injuries usually always result in medical care that can be extensive and pricey.

To make matters worse, while you are recovering from your injuries, you cannot work and earn a living. Unfortunately, your injuries might be severe enough to cause permanent disability and lost financial opportunities. If you are involved in a motorcycle cruiser accident, don’t fight insurance companies’ legal matters alone.  Call Houston’s motorcycle cruiser accident attorney, Walker Texas Lawyer.


What is a Cruiser Motorcycle?


Cruisers are some of the most common motorcycles seen on the road. Most Harley-Davidsons are considered to be cruisers. Their designs are known as American cruiser motorcycles. Other popular cruiser brands include Indian and Henderson, to name a few. Cruisers have grown in popularity over the years, and these bikes now make up 60% of the U.S. market. Other popular brands such as BMW, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Victory, and Triumph have all designed models in the style of cruisers.

Cruisers are known for the position of their riders. Riders usually place their feet forward and their hands higher up, with their spine erect or leaning back slightly. Cruisers have engines with low-end torque, which allow for less shifting and a more comfortable ride. Cruisers are also known for having limited performance and turning abilities. Riders who enjoy the thrill of cornering at higher speeds might choose to ride a sportbike instead.

These bikes are much more solid and heavy and more visible than smaller motorcycles.  However, they are still susceptible to horrible accidents. These bikes are often taken on the highway for long trips. This means they may be in accidents at even higher speeds than other motorcycles. When another driver’s careless behavior has caused severe injuries, you have the right to seek substantial compensation.  Texas motorcycle accident lawyer can provide solid legal advocacy in your efforts to recover compensation and damages.


Contact a Houston Cruiser Motorcycle Accident Attorney


After a motorcycle collision, you and your loved ones may be under physical and emotional trauma.  Injury victims may suffer financial hardships due to medical bills.  Medical treatments and rehabilitation bills can add up, especially if you cannot work.

Are you looking for an attorney for your motorcycle accident case in Houston? Contact Personal Injury Attorney, Walker Texas Lawyer today to schedule a free consultation.  Discuss your cruiser accident with a talented legal professional who understands what you are going through and how to help. He will pursue the maximum compensation available for each client and will always fight hard to help you.


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