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Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are among the most extensively educated and trained professionals in the nation.  We place a great deal of trust in these individuals. When these professionals fail in their duties, they have committed medical malpractice. These failures can be catastrophic, even fatal.  If you believe you have a medical malpractice claim, then you need to call an experienced lawyer.  A lawyer that can handle hospitals, doctors, and their insurance companies.  Walker Texas Lawyer has successfully handled Texas medical malpractice cases.

Medical Malpractice claims are often heavily contested by hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies.  Even if the negligence is obvious, their goal is to limit what they pay you.  In order to achieve a favorable outcome, you need a lawyer that works with experts.  These experts help in a jury trial to prove the doctor was at fault.  Walker Texas Lawyer knows these experts and will work with them to prove how your life has been adversely impacted.

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Types of Medical Malpractice Cases

Most medical malpractice lawsuits can be put into one of the following categories of physician negligence:

Medical Malpractice Categories

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Surgical Errors
  • Negligence affecting pregnancy or childbirth
  • Mistakes in prescribing or administering medication

Let’s look at each one of these types of malpractice a little more closely.


Misdiagnosis is the incorrect diagnosis of an illness or problem.  Recent studies have found this to be the leading physician error.  The most common misdiagnosed problems are infections, tumors, heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms, and heart disease.  This is an issue that can occur with complex conditions.  However, a misdiagnosis can be life-threatening or even fatal.

Surgical Errors

Surgical Errors are medical malpractice mistakes by the surgeon or anesthesiologist during a surgery. The most common surgical errors are damaging a nerve or failing to control bleeding. Another surgical error is leaving a foreign body (like cotton) inside the patient. Surgeons also have been known to perform the wrong operation. The most common locations for surgical error are the gastrointestinal tract and the spine.

Anesthesia-related negligence usually has to do with giving the patient too much anesthesia. Also it happens when too little anesthesia, or the wrong type of anesthesia is used. One thing to consider is that some people are allergic to certain types of anesthesia. However, anesthesia related negligence can also relate to patient care during the surgery. For example, patients must be periodically moved during certain types of surgery. This avoids putting too much pressure on specific parts of the body. The anesthesiologist is often responsible for having the patient moved.

Negligence Affecting Pregnancy or Childbirth (Obstetric/Gynecological Negligence)

So much can go wrong during a pregnancy or delivery. This means medical negligence affecting both the pregnancy and childbirth is still a problem.

Some of the leading types of medical malpractice during pregnancy and childbirth are due to the following medical problems:

  • Excessive and unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Shoulder dystocia or other nerve injury of the baby during labor
  • Premature babies
  • Placental abnormalities (placenta previa or placental abruption)
  • Mother’s gestational diabetes
  • Excessively long labor that causes injury to the mother and the baby
  • Preeclampsia
  • Hemorrhage of the mother during pregnancy or labor
  • Surgical negligence during a Caesarian section
  • Negligence in administering anesthesia during labor or a Caesarian section


Unfortunately, these are just a few of the problems that can occur during pregnancy or labor. However, it is important to note that pregnancies are complex. Just because a pregnancy did not go as expected, does not necessarily mean that malpractice occurred.

Mistakes in Prescribing or Administering Prescription Drugs

Medical malpractice relating to medication is becoming more frequent. Malpractice from prescribing to administering the wrong drugs can cause serious consequences or even be fatal.  These errors range from administering the wrong medication to providing too much or too little medication.  These errors can occur by the physician prescribing the wrong medication or the wrong amount.  Another possibility is the pharmacy giving out the wrong medication. Also, the nurse administering the wrong medication or the wrong amount.

It is shockingly easy to administer the wrong amount of medication. If, for example, any of the health care providers in the entire medication chain misses or transposes a decimal point, the patient could be administered ten or a hundred times too much (or too little) medication.

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Medical Malpractice

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Walker Texas Lawyer is an experienced medical malpractice attorney.  He has handled many medical malpractice cases and knows how to work within the legal system to provide you the compensation you deserve.  At Walker Texas Lawyer our first concern is you.  We are here to listen to your case. Medical malpractice, like most personal injury cases, is always based on negligence. The patient can only win a medical malpractice lawsuit if he or she proves that the physician was negligent.  For example, the doctor did not act reasonably or with the skill and care that a reasonably qualified doctor would have demonstrated under similar circumstances.

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Walker Texas Lawyer will research your case and work with experts to determine if medical malpractice has occurred in your case.  We will find out if the hospital, doctor, or staff have been negligent in your medical care.  James Walker will review all the medical records to fight for your cause.

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The insurance companies will have lawyers on their side. You need an experienced malpractice attorney to handle them.  Insurance companies may act like your friend, but they are not in the business of paying out.  That’s why you need an experienced lawyer to represent you in fighting them.

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