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Lone Star Rally Lawyer: Motorcycle Accident

Nov 2, 2018 | Motorcycle Accident

Walker Texas Lawyer Presents: Lone Star Rally Tips

This weekend, Galveston, Texas, will be the site of the largest four (4) day biker rally in the United States.  The Lone Star Rally begins Thursday, November 1, 2018, and will last through the weekend.  As many as 250k motorcycle enthusiasts and riders are expected to be on Galveston Island with thousands more dropping their kickstands at Blowout’s Lone Star Campground at the Galveston County Fairgrounds in Hitchcock, Texas.  As bikers ride into town, Houston Biker Attorney, Walker Texas Lawyer has some valuable information for riders.  First, there are many detours and street closures to be aware of.  Details below:

  • Eastbound traffic at the Lone Star Rally will remain open during the rally for vehicles and motorcycles
  • Westbound traffic at the Lone Star Rally will be detoured north down 19th Street to Avenue O, west to 25th Street, and south to Seawall Boulevard
  • Seawall Boulevard will be subject to closures from 19th Street to 25th Street, westbound
  • Strand and Mechanic from 18th Street to 25th Street will also be closed to traffic. Detour to Market Street as an alternate route at the Lone Star Rally
  • Street closures include 24th, 23rd, 22nd, 21st, and 20th Streets from Market St. to Harborside

The Galveston Trolley will offer a special event route designed for the Lone Star Rally to connect from downtown activities to the Seawall.  From 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday to Saturday, there will be trolley service running along 25th Street. The pickup and drop-off points are at 25th and Strand, and 25th and Seawall.  The trolley costs $1 and runs every 30 to 40 minutes.

Lone Star Rally Lawyer Safety Tips:

First, always start with the proper gear. A secure full face helmet is the best to protect the cranial region of the body. Fitted Golves, jacket, and closed shoes are also highly recommended. Having the highlight on all times of the day is best for better visibility to other drivers on the road.

Motorcycle Safety AwarenessMotorcyclists need full attention on the road and have complete control of the bike. Constant scanning of everything around while riding is a good habit to have. Other drivers might not see a motorcycle due to blind spots and being distracted

Most drivers in a car will make a head turn when they are about to change lanes, they might not use a turn signal, so it is best for the motorcyclist to be aware of those movements of people inside of a car in case they change lanes abruptly. Always prepare to brake, swerve, or accelerate in any given situation. Keeping a finger or two on the brake lever and the right foot close to the rear brake pedal will minimize reach time when you must stop abruptly.

Always be on the lookout for spilled oil or fuel on the roads. You will be able to smell the fuel before your tires encounter it and you will be able to see it in the right conditions because it will be shiny on the surface of the road.

Check your tires frequently to make sure the tread is not worn down. When in traffic, ride with a gear lower than you normally would. This prepares you to jump forward instantly and avoid tailgating. Make sure your bike mirrors are properlyinstalled and use them. They can be lifesavers, they just don’t always tell the whole story of what is happening around you, so always be aware by glancing and constantly scanning the road. Never get between a vehicle and an off-ramp. A lot of drivers will exit at the last second and a crash will most likely lead to a fatal accident.  

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

These are just a few tips from a Motorcycle Lawyer that knows you should always practice safe riding when you are on a motorcycle. Making this a habit will increase your awareness when riding. Always remember to ride safely.

Now despite your best efforts to stay safe, a negligent drive could still cause an accident. If you have been in a motorcycle accident, what should you do? After seeking medical treatment, you should contact an experienced motorcycle lawyer who can fight for the compensation you need.  

Why choose Walker Texas Lawyer?

Walker Texas Lawyer is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. He has handled many motorcycle crash cases and knows how to work with insurance companies and the legal system to provide you the compensation you deserve. At Walker Texas Lawyer our first concern if you are involved in an accident is for your safety. Once you are taken care of then we will listen to you and your recollections of the accident. We will work to help you recover the compensation you deserve from the losses you have suffered. Losses such as, pain and suffering, lost wages and property damage.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you:

  • Understand your legal options
  • Conduct an investigation into the accident
  • Challenge the police report’s findings
  • Help prevent you from settling too soon with insurance companies
  • Ensure that your long-term medical, psychological and financial needs are identified
  • Fight for compensation

Lone Star Rally Motorcycle Accident?

We will perform a full motorcycle accident investigation. Our Goal is to determine who was at fault. Was the vehicle driver negligent? Was there a part failure? We will talk with witnesses. Our team will reconstruct the accident and bring in experts to examine all aspects of the accident.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Walker Texas Lawyer will handle your full claim regardless of your injuries, which may include:

  • Herniated disks and bulging disks
  • Back injury requiring surgery
  • Whiplash and neck injury
  • Quadriplegia, paraplegia and paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries
  • Low back pain and injury
  • Brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), open head injuries and closed head injuries
  • Headaches, vision changes, emotional problems and cognitive issues
  • Shoulder and neck injuries and pain
  • Broken bones and leg, arm, hand, feet and knee breaks
  • Radiating pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Numbness, tingling and shooting pain
  • Soft tissue injuries, and injuries to connective tissue, tendons and muscles
  • Wrongful death of a loved one

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, why should you contact an experience motorcycle lawyer?

You have already been a victim once, don’t be a victim twice by trying to deal with an insurance company on your own. Walker Texas Lawyer is one of the most experienced and respected motorcycle lawyers in Houston, Texas. He has nearly 40 years of experience fighting on behalf of motorcycle accident victims.

Walker Texas Lawyer will handle all insurance claims for you including Property Damage

The insurance company’s goal is to pay out a little as possible. You need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies may act like your friend, but they are not in the business of paying out money to you that you deserve. That’s why you need an experienced lawyer to represent you in fighting them

If you or a loved one has been in an accident, call Walker Texas Lawyer. He is Houston’s Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Call us today at: 713- 552-1117 for a free case review.


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