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Nov 1, 2018

Houston Personal Injury Walker Texas Lawyer Has A Chat With ABC13

Houston Personal Injury Lawyer James S. Walker has some important holiday travel tips.  Before you hit the road this holiday season get informed on the best practices and precautions for traveling.  James Walker better known as Walker Texas Lawyer is joined by host Matt Topolski as they answer your questions in a live web chat hosted by abc13 Houston.  In the videos below, Houston Personal Injury Lawyer, Walker Texas Lawyer gives tips for traveling long distances and how to deal with road rage. He also talks about laws surrounding car seats, and traveling with elderly family members.

Have a question for Houston Personal Injury Lawyer, James S. Walker?  Contact us on our website any time or join us on a future live chat on abc13.  Walker Texas Lawyer also has bilingual staff standing by to take your calls for a free case evaluation anytime.  Simply call us direct at (713) 552-1117 and reference our live chat with abc13 on WalkerTexasLawyer.com.  To see the web chat in its entirety we invite you visit abc13.com for more information.

Walker Texas Lawyer Web Chat abc13

Walker Texas Lawyer abc13 Live Web Chat

Segment 1: Walker discusses Road Trip Preparedness

Segment 2: Walker talks Long Distance Road Trips

Segment 3: Walker Covers Texting and Driving

Segment 4: Walker Talks DWI Related Crashes

Segment 5: Walker Discusses Border Crossings and International Travel

Background on Houston Personal Injury Lawyer James S. Walker

A graduate of Michigan State University with a law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan, Attorney James Walker, or “Walker Texas Lawyer,” as he is sometimes known, is a Houston personal injury lawyer specializing in automobile and motorcycle accidents. Walker Texas Lawyer aggressively fights on behalf of his clients to get the compensation they deserve.  Attorney James S. Walker has extensive experience in both criminal cases and civil lawsuits, including truck and boat accidents, catastrophic personal injury, wrongful death, plant explosions, medical malpractice, construction accidents, defective and unsafe products, toxic torts and chemical exposure, industrial accidents, brain injuries and auto accidents.

Walker Texas Lawyer Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

James S. Walker Personal Injury Lawyer Houston

Houston leads the State of Texas in traffic fatalities. Nearly 83 million miles are traveled by drivers on state highways in Mayfair, Magnolia Park and the rest of Harris County each day. The Houston Chronicle asserts that when traffic from commuters is included, the Houston area becomes one of the largest traffic centers in the nation.  Texans who have sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident may be entitled to compensation for damage to property, repair or replacement of the vehicle, medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and disfigurement or permanent injury.

When you make a claim for damages resulting from a personal injury, claims adjusters and their bosses at the insurance companies have two sets of procedures: One for people without a lawyer, and another one for people with a experienced attorney like Walker Texas Lawyer.  At Walker Texas Lawyer, we understand the elements motor vehicle accident litigation. Our legal and investigation teams have extensive experience in all types of auto accidents, and we use that experience to our client’s advantage.

We understand how accidents happen as well as the medical implications of catastrophic injuries such as brain damage, quadriplegia and spinal cord injury that can often result from serious motor vehicle accidents. We fight for the maximum amount of compensation for our clients.  Attorney James S. Walker is also an expert at motorcycle accident cases. If you or a loved one has been a victim of injury due to another’s negligence, you may have grounds to file suit. To learn about your legal options, contact a motorcycle accident attorney. A lawyer can help you decide the best avenue to pursue justice.

Background on Moderator and Host Matt Topolski

Matt Topolski Host abc13 webchat

Matt Topolski – Moderator

Matt Topolski is a former news anchor, broadcaster, media personality, and the Marketing Director & Spokesperson for the Houston Personal Injury Lawyer (Walker Texas Lawyer).  Matt has served in the capacity of helping to grow the Walker Texas Lawyer brand as well as enhance the experience of the Walker Law Firm clients since January, 2012.  Topolski’s duties and responsibilities at Walker Texas Lawyer include: Managing and coordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities. Create and maintain Walker Texas Lawyer website. Creating, maintaining, updating and expanding all social media platforms for Walker Texas Lawyer.

In addition to his work at the Walker Law Firm, Matt served as a daily news anchor for the EFN News in 2017, a 24/7 News Network dedicated to covering the energy markets, the oil and gas industry, renewables, geopolitical affairs, technology and more; is a broadcaster for WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling airing weekly on FITE TV, and has hosted and produced a number of television projects since 2010.

Matt Topolski holds a degree in communications from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with specialties and training in: Leadership, Social Influence, Corporate Communications, Crisis Management, Evaluating Media Influence, Image and Issue Campaigns, Intercultural Communication, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Sales, Political Affairs, Public Policy, Corporate Relations, Television, Writing, Production, Film.

Don’t be a Victim Twice: Hire an Experienced Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

The injuries and consequences of motorcycle accidents are similar to those of car accidents but amplified. When you’re hit on a motorcycle, there’s little to protect you from flying a hundred feet at breakneck speeds. You may suffer injuries such as shattered bones and hips, compound and simple fractures, as well as complete breaks. You also may experience not only head trauma like concussions, fractured skulls and traumatic brain injury, but also spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, quadriplegia, tetraplegia and paraplegia.

The costs of these injuries can be astronomical, and missing extended time at work can exacerbate the financial consequences. If you believe that another party is responsible for your motorcycle accident and the injuries you have suffered, you may be able to le suit to recover damages. Common damages that you may claim include lost wages, future lost earnings, medical care costs, physical therapy and rehabilitation costs as well as pain and suffering.

Another area of automobile cases in which Attorney Walker is well experienced are accidents involving tanker truck and tractor trailers. State and Federal law regulates how trucks are maintained. Drivers must ll out a vehicle inspection reports. These reports can be crucial evidence that can help an experienced truck wreck attorney reconstruct the accident by establishing the condition of the truck. A truck crash lawyer will also conduct an immediate investigation into the history of the driver and the service history of the truck involved.  When you get behind the wheel, you’re at the mercy of other drivers.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a truck accident you will need to consult with a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer. A semi truck accident lawyer will be familiar with 18 wheeler accidents and the particular laws that govern the trucking industry. Overloaded freight, driver fatigue and speed may be factors in 18 wheeler accidents, and a trucking accident attorney who knows the regulations and the industry can prove a driver was at fault.

Do not hesitate. If you have been injured as the result of an automobile accident, motorcycle wreck or tractor trailer accident, contact Walker Texas Lawyer today by calling 713-552-1117.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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