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Drunk Driving Is Incredibly Dangerous

Jan 11, 2021 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

There’s little doubt that drunk driving is a problem that plagues communities nationwide.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants plays a factor in one-third of vehicle crashes in the United States. These accidents result in ten thousand deaths annually. Because of the enormous toll on society, judges often rule harshly on offenders.

Statistically, the more people drink, the more dangerous they are on the roads.

What To Do If You’re Involved In A Drunk Driving Accident

If you’re involved in a suspected drunk driver accident Houston, and you’re physically able, here are some things you should do at the scene of the car wreck Houston.

  • Don’t Leave The Scene – Even if your vehicle sustains minimal damages, you should stay on the place the accident happened until first responders arrive and law enforcement officers file an accident report.
  • Alert First Responders – Call 911 to alert first responders, including law enforcement and EMS, if someone requires medical attention. In emergencies, the sooner help arrives for those who are injured, the better.
  • Take Video And ImagesHaving video and photographic evidence from the accident scene can help support your claim. Be sure to record any visible injuries, the crash scene, and pictures of the vehicles involved before they get towed.
  • Move Vehicles Out Of Traffic – If there are no serious injuries, move vehicles out of the way of traffic and stand away from the road and berm, if possible.
  • Don’t Admit FaultThe scene of the accident isn’t the place to admit any wrongdoing. Allow law enforcement to do their job, be respectful of their requests, and cooperate with them, but leave the legal aspect to your lawyer.
  • Get Vital Information From The Other Driver – Before leaving the scene of a drunk driving accident, be sure to get vital information, such as their phone number and the insurance company or policy number. If there are other witnesses or victims, get their names and contact information, too.
  • Keep A Record Of Expenses And Costs – Keep a copy of all accident-related receipts, bills, and records. If you take the matter to court, this paperwork helps prove expenses and damages incurred from the accident.


You Need A Car Wreck Attorney

When you find yourself involved in a drunk driving accident in Houston, hiring a competent attorney is the only wise thing to do.

A Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer in Houston helps you recover damages and expenses incurred from a drunk driving accident.

For people involved in a drunk driving accident, the stakes are incredibly high. It’s dangerous to leave things to chance, especially when facing a reputable drunk driving lawyer.

Call Your Houston Drunk Driving Attorney Quickly

Regardless of your accident circumstances, contacting an attorney as quickly as possible should happen. This helps ensure you have legal professionals fighting on your side.

There are several steps that both victims and drivers should consider taking until an impartial third party hears their case.

Stay Calm – Even though the event is shocking, keeping a level-head is critical. You need to communicate and avoid the potential for further altercations that make the situation worse.

Car accidents are always traumatic, and it’s not easy to keep your composure. But should a car accident happen, being calm and cooperative makes it less stressful for everyone at the scene.

Keep Your Attorneys Phone Number Handy – Maintaining access to your attorney’s phone number and insurance information is always smart. You will need pertinent information like your vehicle registration and driver’s license. Keeping them nearby will save you time at an accident scene.

There’s little doubt that the drunk driver or his insurance company will lawyer up. You must do the same to ensure a positive outcome. Attorney James S. Walker has a track record of winning cases for his clients. He is natural for you to hire.


Use The Best Drunk Driver Accident Lawyer Houston

You can’t leave any aspect of drunk driving accidents to chance. Contact with specialist lawyers is the best way to protect your interests and safeguard your interests in the event of getting involved in a drunk driving accident.

If medical injuries resulted from the accident, you missed work, or suffered other injuries resulting from an accident, personal injury work to provide settlements in the case. Instead of continuing suffering from a loss of mobility, income, property damages, or life-altering injuries without compensation, drunk driving injury lawyers help you recover financial losses.

Remember, no DIY solutions compare to the superior services from an experienced attorney who regularly deals with clients involved in drunk driving accidents.


Dealing With Drunk Driver Accident Houston

Quick action and hiring a lawyer as fast as possible will help you limit the damages from a drunk driving accident. Remain calm and place your faith in the experience of an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the legal system, ensuring you get a fair shake before the judge.

Drunk and distracted driving are severe threats to everyone in society. Sadly, a split second can change the entire course of your life! Without proper representation, there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive the compensation you deserve as a result of an unfortunate accident.

Experienced attorneys help you realistically assess your situation and fight on your behalf for a fair and equitable solution. Knowing this is reassurance at a time when you need it most.

When consulting with your lawyer, having access to the videos and images you took at the time of the crash help support your case. Additionally, having copies of bills, receipts, and other expenses incurred due to the drunk driving accident helps support your overall claim against the other party.

Undoubtedly, if you suffer injuries from a drunk driving car crash, you will require adequate compensation. That only happens when you have someone fighting for you against the driver’s insurance company and their lawyers. If you follow a plan and keep a detailed record of the accident, it will help your lawyer win. Attorney James Walker is one of Houston’s most experienced attorneys after representing over twenty-five thousand clients. He’ll make sure you get the best possible representation in your drunk driving injury case.


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