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Did You Have Injuries at Astroworld and Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Nov 11, 2021 | Brain Injury, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

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Personal injuries are not just bumps and bruises. Nearly 100 million Americans go to the emergency room due to a personal injury every year.  An injury can devastate you. Yet there is a whole legal system in place to help you get the justice you deserve. If you sustained injuries at the recent Astroworld event, you should consider what a personal injury lawyer can do for you. 

What sorts of injuries did people suffer at Astroworld? How did the organizers act, and how do their actions affect the grounds for a lawsuit? When should you begin to look for legal resources? 

To answer these questions and you can start your recovery from Astroworld with the type of legal help you need. Here is your quick guide. 

Astroworld Injuries

The injuries from the Travis Scott Astroworld concert are significant. You can file a personal injury claim on the grounds of any of these injuries. The following will describe some of the injuries that might have been suffered at the event.

Compressive Asphyxia

Compressive asphyxia occurs when a person’s chest is compressed. Their lungs cannot inflate with oxygen, causing them to asphyxiate. Being packed together in a tight space with many people can cause compressive asphyxia. During the 2021 Astroworld Music Festival, thousands of fans were compressed together in tight spaces. Some people had no room to breathe. This caused them to pass out or sustain brain damage.

Trampling Injuries

A crowd surge occurs when a large crowd rushes in one direction toward a point. Someone who is standing still or walking away can become swept up in the surging crowd. People can fall and become hurt when other people step or fall on top of them. A person can also become pinned to an object like a barrier or struck by someone else as they are running.  Trampling can break someone’s bones and cause extensive bleeding. It can also result in brain or organ damage. Even a muscle strain can prevent someone from working or attending to family responsibilities. 

Psychological Damage

Many people sustain psychological damage after witnessing a traumatic event. They may feel shocked or intense sadness after seeing someone get injured or die. It may take weeks or months for psychological effects to become apparent. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a chronic condition that may surface after a few weeks. Anyone at the concert incident should monitor their mental health closely. They can file a claim for a mental health problem, regardless of their physical condition. 


In most cases, you cannot win a personal injury claim off of an injury alone. You must prove the culpability of the person you are suing. One way you can prove culpability is through negligence. Negligence refers to a failure to provide adequate care for others. Someone who runs a public event and fails to provide enough medical resources may have committed negligence.  There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the organizers of Astroworld may have been negligent. The first reports of injuries reached the organizers at 9:30 p.m. Yet the concert continued for 40 minutes. Scott paused the show for only a few seconds, continuing to sing while fans were carried out by medical personnel. He and the other organizers had the responsibility to stop the show once fans were hurt, yet they did not do so. 

The concert organizers may not have hired the right medical team or supplied them with needed resources. The Houston Fire Department has informed the media that the organizers did not give them radios. Radios allow first responders to communicate with each other, and they are common tools at massive events. The failure to give out radios means that treatment was delayed, which may have contributed to injuries.


Incitement occurs when someone provokes someone else to do an unlawful or dangerous act. Proving it shows that a person negligently put someone else at risk of injury. Travis Scott has a history of incitement. In 2015, he encouraged some of his fans to jump over police barricades. In 2017, he told his fans to rush toward the stage, causing several injuries.  Before the Astroworld concert, Scott wrote tweets encouraging fans to sneak into the concert. He told his fans to jump up and down after spotting an ambulance, which could have easily caused injuries. 

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Work for You

You are not obliged to contact a personal injury lawyer right now. Take the time you need to recover and be with your friends and family.  When you are ready, you should give a lawyer a call. Try to find a Houston lawyer who knows the local court system. It is always wise to engage local lawyers to act on your behalf. This allows you to take advantage of their local knowledge and connections.  You should also find a lawyer who specializes in the injury you sustained. A brain injury attorney knows brain injuries and can use their medical knowledge to build your case. 

A personal injury lawyer will start by interviewing you. They will ask about your injuries and what your experience at the festival was like. You can help them by handing over medical documents and records of your work hours. Proving that you lost work or money due to your injuries can increase your compensation for your injuries.  A lawyer will then file documents on your behalf with a civil court. They will touch base with you to give you updates and remind you of court appearances. But they will handle the bulk of the work for you while you continue to recover. They will talk to other lawyers on your behalf and send demand letters to insurance companies. A personal injury lawsuit may take some time to work its way through the court system. Many people are suing Astroworld organizers, so be prepared to wait for your suit. 

Let the Law Do Its Job

Hundreds of people experienced significant injuries at Astroworld. Some people suffered from asphyxiation, while others sustained bone fractures and brain damage.  The concert organizers may have acted with negligence, letting the show continue as bodies were carried out. Travis Scott has a track record of asking his fans to rush the stage, which probably contributed to injuries at Astroworld. 

This means that you should talk to a personal injury lawyer. They will investigate what happened and file documents so you can get compensation.  Lawyers are waiting for you to act. Walker Texas Lawyer serves Houston residents. Get a free case review today. 


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