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Aug 15, 2018


While countless number of people opt for cruise ship every year for vacations as well as work, most enjoy trouble-free and enjoyable voyages. But numerous illnesses, criminal acts, accidental injuries and death do occur at sea. Often times, these incidents take place as a result of negligence on the captain’s side, a state ship unseaworthiness or misconduct by ship’s crew or fellow passengers. If you have experienced cruise ship injuries, you may need a cruise ship attorney.

Most common types of cruise ship injuries & accidents

Though there be several reasons how cruise ship passengers can suffer injuries and accidents, some most common ones are:

  • Falling or slipping from the cruise ship
  • Cruise gangway accidents
  • Tripping from the cruise
  • Child molestation in the cruise ship
  • Over boarding the passengers
  • General aura of misconduct by the authorities
  • Assault or harassment at the cruise ship
  • Rape & sexual assault at the cruise ship
  • Automatic door accidents

Awardable compensation for cruise ship injuries and accidental claims

A cruise ship passenger, who has been victimized to undue injuries may be eligible to qualify for monetary compensation for a wide category of damages. These damages comprise of payment for past medical expenses and any future treatment. This may include, lost past and future wages for time off from work. As well as, compensation for excruciating pain and suffering through the injury.

If vacationers or anyone on the cruise ship gets injured, they possess the legal right to file for damages. At Walker Texas Lawyer, our cruise ship attorney will handle your case with utmost ease.

Act now before your injury claim is time-barred

If you are reading this, you or any of your loved one is probably subjected to injury or accident on a cruise ship. Don’t believe the cruise line will resolve your issue. You need to experienced cruise ship attorney in Houston. Often cruise ships will not fairly compensate you. They often give you cruise dollars to use on another cruise. Walker Texas Lawyer will fight for you and the compensation you deserve. Find out how we can help at 713-552-1117.

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