Chemical Plant Explosions


Aug 29, 2018

The usage of chemicals has become a part of our daily lives. From objects to power equipment to performing vital functions, chemicals are used everywhere. While many have accepted the use of chemicals, chemical plant explosions are the reason why numerous people lose their lives frequently. Sadly, even with precautions, chemical plant accidents still occur from time to time.

Through the use and creation of different chemicals, the accumulated heat and the reactions that occur as a result of heat and chemicals combined, massive explosions may take place. These explosions can result in serious injuries, including third-degree burns, lungs damage, skin diseases and disfigurement, along with severe damage of property that may bear an ongoing impact on the community for years to follow. While not every chemical plant accident may bear nuclear implications, plant explosions pose serious health risks to workers who suffer from such dangerous incidents.

Common causes of chemical plant explosions

Some of the major reasons why massive explosions take place in a chemical plant are:

  • Minor fires that quickly spread beyond control. Since the entire factory deals with chemicals, a small fire can turn into a huge havoc in a chemical plant.
  • In some unfortunate cases, natural elements such as earthquakes or lightning storms can ignite chemical plant explosions.
  • Many of the cases occur because of human error where the worker doesn’t follow the stated guidelines. When proper safety guidelines are not followed, accidents occur. And in chemical plants, mistake of one person can bear undeniable impacts on several people’s lives.
  • Negligence on the part of employers in providing proper training to employees result in massive accidents.
  • Employers, in some cases, do not maintain the equipment.
  • Malfunctioning equipment that poses serious threat to the workers working on the machinery.
  • Unaddressed Corrosion
  • Smoking cigarettes or using any inflammable substance within the chemical plant boundaries.
  • Unmaintained boilers
  • Use of dirty, impure and cheap chemicals
  • Failure on part of the supervisor to ensure employees are meeting the safety regulations set by the company.
  • Wrong labelling of chemicals
  • Violation of OSHA safety regulations

Chemical Explosions Injuries

When chemical plant explosions occur, the entire community is at risk of ongoing negative impacts. Homes are destroyed, people are killed, plenty are injured, and entire towns are at risk. Texas is home to numerous chemical plants, putting the entire state at risk of chemical explosions. If you have been a victim of injury due to chemical explosion or witnessed property damage due to a chemical plant accident, the chemical plant injury lawyer Houston is here for your help. Our skilled and experienced chemical plant injury lawyer offers skilled assistance that will get you maximum compensation. Do not delay in getting legal help as your right to file a chemical explosion lawsuit is time-sensitive. Contact Walker Texas Lawyer at 713-552-1117 and speak to our experts.

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