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Building Collapse

Aug 27, 2018

Unfortunately, building collapse accidents have been on the rise for the past decade despite the growing awareness and labor laws. Building collapse accidents puts a serious risk to the life of construction workers, passersby, and neighboring inhabitants. Every building is, by law, obligated to maintain security at all times and protect health and lives of individuals.

Why building collapse happen?

We have heard of numerous building collapse accidents in the previous decade. Presented below are the main reasons that makes a building collapse. These are:

Weak foundations

To ensure that a building won’t collapse, a lot of money is spent on a project. This implies that every building regulation is fulfilled, and proper engineering is done to manage the soil and heaviness of the building.

Poor quality materials

In order to save cost, some companies use poor quality material. In return, this material may not hold as long. Thus resulting in a building collapse

Worker mistakes

In some cases, workers may not follow the proper instructions for building or installation. For instance, if a worker did not properly mix the concrete. This could create a weakened structure. Thus causing a building collapse.

Lack of maintenance

The building owner must provide maintenance. This keeps the building in perfect running condition. Additionally, it helps avoid any rising problems to prevent it from collapsing.

When one or more walls of a building collapse, individuals within as well as around the surrounding can suffer from catastrophic injuries. While you will have to regain your health and recover, you will be fighting your personal injury case.  These cases can be demanding and drawn out.  You need a lawyer that is experienced building collapse legal proceedings.  This is the only way to get compensation you deserve. Contact Walker Texas Lawyer to work with experienced building collapse lawyer. We will handle everything with utmost perfection and get you your due rights. Call today at 713-552-1117 or visit our website for more information about our services.

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