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Brain Injury Litigation Provides Legal Help for Brain Injuries

Feb 18, 2021

As far as medical issues are concerned, brain injuries are one of the most serious. Brain injuries are tough to diagnose and treat. Often, a lot of expensive testing and follow-ups are also required. Since treatment is so extensive, anyone who suffers from a brain injury must hire the best lawyers to defend their case. Without proper representation, it will be tough to cover all costs, which is a massive burden on the victim and their family.

The basis for most successful brain injury claims is negligence. If the injury happened on the job or due to an accident caused by a third party where neglect was a factor, it’s a sound idea to file a lawsuit. The key is to hire experienced brain injury litigators to handle the suit. They bring experience and deep insights into winning cases. Personal injury lawyers who don’t specialize in this field may not possess adequate knowledge about Texas brain injury law.

Compensation for Negligence Helps You Overcome Your Situation

Walker Texas Lawyer understands the law and the essential nature of winning compensation for someone with a brain injury.

Brain injuries can impact people in many negative ways, potentially resulting in the inability to work and a diminished quality of life.

Please note: A brain injury requires medical and legal attention. Act fast to ensure your protections under Texas law and to get the highest possible settlement.

We fight for you every step of the way, protecting your rights and holding the negligent party responsible. As the victim, winning a case helps to pay for financial losses, damages, and medical bills that arise from the incident.

According to the CDC, brain injuries are quite common. Every year, over 1 million Americans suffer from one, whether they result from medical malpractice, sports injuries, car accidents, or slipping and falling.

Generally, any brain injury case must meet four standards to succeed.

  • The defendant needed to be careful during the act (duty of care) that caused the injury.
  • The defendant failed that responsibility by not acting towards the plaintiff with reasonable care.
  • The actions or inaction of the defendant with the prime cause for injuries the plaintiff suffered.
  • The plaintiff should prove that their losses and damages are genuine and measurable according to the law.

With those four factors in place, a skilled brain injury litigation attorney will present a strong case.

Find Out if You Can Bring a Successful Brain Injury Lawsuit

If you’ve suffered a life-altering brain injury at the hands of another, it’s worth contacting Walker Texas Lawyer for a consultation. Our experienced legal professionals can determine the merit of your potential brain injury lawsuit.

We’re committed to our clients and work as your advocate during trying times. Brain injuries and associated symptoms are scary, unpredictable, and cause stress. In Houston, hiring brain injury litigation expert James Walker will help you sleep at night, knowing that a resolution is on the way. With over four decades of experience, know you’re getting the best possible legal help when you need it most.

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