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Avoid 18-Wheeler Accidents

Sep 3, 2018

Although 18-wheelers are essential for transporting food, commodities, equipment, materials, etc. from one part of country to another, they are the prime reasons of severe accidents that happen every year in U.S. 18-wheeler accidents cause severe injuries and in some tragic cases, loss of life. Such incidents happen mostly when a large 18-wheeler truck hit a passenger car with full force and forces it into another car present on the road. This way the participants involved in the accident are usually a lot and face fatal injuries.

Houston marks as the fourth largest city in the United States. More than 3 million people comprise on an area of over 600 sq. miles. This state is regarded as having the most congested traffic in the state of Texas. Houston is also home to an exceeded number of motorists and it comes as no surprise that a great number of 18-wheeler accidents involve hitting a motorcyclist. In the year 2009, U.S. Department of Transportation recorded about 286,000 accidents. Today, there are about 17 million commercial trucks in U.S. These trucks carry about 80,000 pound of weight and stopping these vehicles require 40% longer time than automobiles.

How to avoid 18-wheeler accidents

Following are some safety recommendations to avoid any accident with an 18-wheeler and to ensure 18-wheeler safety.

  • Maintain allowed speed limit around an 18-wheeler. Over speeding around an 18-wheeler is never a good idea. Because with a truck around you, you might be required to change lanes so it’s a wise idea to stay within the allowed speed limit.
  • Avoid truck blind spots.  There are plenty of blind spots for an 18-wheeler truck and when a car is in that blind spot, it is not visible to the truck driver. Hence, the chances of accidents aggravate.
  • Allow plenty of room for turning 18-wheeler trucks. To ensure 18-wheeler safety, give them enough space to take a turn properly. Since these trucks are large in size, they require a bigger turn.
  • Pass carefully. Trucks cannot see you if you are not in front of them, so pass very carefully to avoid any 18-wheeler accident.
  • No sudden spots. 18-wheeler trucks cannot stop immediately therefore, it is advised to never stop suddenly when driving in front of an 18-wheeler.

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