Airplane Accidents in Houston

Airplane Accidents in Houston: 4 Common Causes

Apr 18, 2023 | Aviation Accidents, Personal Injury

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Flying is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to travel. Airplane pilots are highly trained, skilled individuals who have undergone months, and even years, of rigorous training and passed a series of exams to prove their qualifications. However, even with all the training, airplane accidents happen, especially in Houston. In this blog post, we will explore four of the most common causes of airplane accidents in Houston: inexperienced pilots, distracted operators, pilots operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and air traffic control error.

1. Inexperienced pilots

The decision to fly an aircraft should not be taken lightly as it requires a significant level of experience and knowledge. However, some pilots are inexperienced and, as a result, make critical errors that can lead to disastrous outcomes. Inexperienced pilots tend to have fewer hours of flight time, fewer years of experience, and limited exposure to a wide range of aviation scenarios. Malfunctions in the aircraft may occur at any time and can be fatal if not handled correctly, and inexperienced pilots may lack the experience to react effectively. Lack of experience also affects the ability to make quick and sound decisions.

2. Distracted operators

With increasing technology and the rise of gadgets, distractions in the cockpit have become more common than ever. Pilots may be distracted by their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets. They might also be distracted by programming avionics systems or monitoring various aircraft systems, which can be detrimental to safety. Pilots that are focused on sources of distraction may find it difficult to multitask, focus on critical tasks or even make important decisions. This poses a serious threat to safety, as distractions can lead to grave accidents.

3. Pilots operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Pilots who fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol are a significant concern for aviation safety. Substance abuse can impair the judgment, concentration, and coordination abilities of pilots, leading to fatal errors. Pilots under the influence are prone to poor decision making, declined coordination, and reduced motor skills, impairing their ability to operate an aircraft safely.

4. Air traffic control error

Air traffic control is tasked with ensuring that all flights are coordinated, harmonized and that air traffic runs safely and efficiently. However, air traffic controllers can make errors that put passengers and crew members in danger. When an air traffic controller makes a mistake, there can be significant repercussions, leading to the possibility of an accident. Mistakes like assigning aircraft to the same altitude or failure to detect weather patterns, can have fatal consequences.

Airplane accidents are a scary thought for many people, but knowing the underlying causes can help passengers feel more informed and less afraid. Inexperienced pilots, distracted operators, pilots operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and air traffic control error are four common causes that can cause fatal accidents onboard. As passengers, we entrust our lives into the hands of the pilots and air traffic controllers, but with knowledge, we can help ensure their efficiency, safety, and success.

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